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Provisional Accreditation

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1590 records found in the database.
Name of HEP Ref. Number Name of Programme Start Date End Date
Kolej Consist MQA/PA03547 Diploma in Environmental Management 01/07/2013 30/06/2016
Kolej Cyber Putra MQA/PA00895 Diploma in Pharmacy 07/02/2012 06/02/2015
Kolej Dar Al-Hikmah MQA/PA03804 Diploma Takaful 19/04/2014 18/10/2016
Kolej Despark MQA/PA01907 Diploma in Automotive Engineering Technology 15/10/2012 02/06/2015
Kolej Despark MQA/PA03047 Certificate in Automotive Engineering Technology 02/10/2013 14/07/2015
Kolej Disted MQA/PA02009 Diploma in Accounting 25/03/2013 24/03/2015
Kolej Eastern MQA/PA00849 Diploma in Music 01/10/2012 30/09/2015
Kolej Eksekutif MQA/PA03039 Bachelor of Technology (Hons) in Construction Management in collaboration with Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur 01/01/2014 31/12/2016
Kolej Eksekutif MQA/PA03046 Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) in collaboration with Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur 13/05/2013 12/05/2016
Kolej Eksekutif MQA/PA03389 Foundation in Arts in collaboration with Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur 01/01/2014 31/12/2014
Kolej Eksekutif MQA/PA03953 Foundation in Arts 01/02/2014 31/01/2015
Kolej Erican MQA/PA01384 Diploma in Accounting 14/01/2013 13/01/2015
Kolej Erican MQA/PA01425 Diploma in Mass Communication 17/09/2013 16/09/2015
Kolej Erican MQA/PA01487 Diploma in Psychology 12/05/2014 11/05/2016
Kolej Etrain MQA/PA00888 Certificate in Built Environment 16/10/2012 31/10/2014
Kolej Etrain MQA/PA01825 Certificate in Facilities Management 01/05/2013 30/11/2014